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New Life Yoga is all about finding ways to reach your potential, elevate your mood, work through stressful times, gain confidence, and re-create yourself beyond any physical, mental or emotional turbulence.

Before I dive into my yoga practice mission and approach, I want to be transparent and straightforward. Cultural appropriation is something I'm not fond of at all. I put off yoga teacher training for years because it didn't feel right and it felt too Americanized. Also...I am white. I am not perfect. I am human. Now I know why and how I want to utilize it for myself and for others as I wanted to respect it for what it is and cherish it at a deeper level. I have had much passion and respect for the Ayurvedic culture in which Yoga stems from long before I delved into my training. It spurred a new-found respect and passion for Massage Therapy 11 years ago. So with this mentality, I will not be a part of a coddling of sensitivity nor a norm of Americanizing an Eastern culture on my watch. I respect it...and you...too much.

Why I chose Yoga
I am furthering my practice in helping those with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and other mental health disturbances which has been well-received. It took me 9 years to narrow down my niche in the holistic field. I personally have been through and still deal with depression, have worked through much of my PTSD & Anxiety, but I still will stumble, make mistakes and face these issues from time to time- especially if I am neglecting my Self in any way. I am also sensing the intensity of negativity in my community, in our nation and world-wide. It affects me personally and I need to make sure I am keeping myself in check in order to provide guidance for anyone else. I won't put on a facade for you. I will let you know when I am in a difficult space. I need yoga for myself as well, so I will be walking the talk. I won't have you practice anything I don't.

But I also know that I need (and I WANT) to listen to YOU and be there for YOU. Because everyone's story and journey is different. There's no way I will allow myself to overshadow you. With that being said, we ALL need healing of some sort. I see Yoga as one more very effective tool for this.

My Yogic Approach
Whether you are seeking for overall betterment, alleviate stress, manage anxiety, PTSD or depression, overcome fears, change your life around, or find self-appreciation for your body, self-awareness of your chronic pain, self-recognition of your past, and self-acceptance of who you are despite the nastiness of the world around you, you have a home at New Life Yoga.
Remember- you are not your trauma, condition or pain.
You are beautiful inside and out. 

I will incorporate gentle vinyasa flow, restorative, trauma-informed approach, Kundalini and Reiki foundations, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation in my practice but I will not be taking an aggressively spiritual approach that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. We are dealing with our issues in this physical life and that is what we will focus on. We are, however, more than our bodies and ailments of this earthly experience. In appreciating and understanding both spiritual aspects and science, my approach is not going to be preachy- it will be motivating and will hopefully empower you.

Class offerings will vary from children to elderly, chronic pain, vulnerable populations, mental health, black/colored community and LGBTQ+ community and anyone else who wishes to better their well-being in some way. 

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