~I'm With The Band~

-VIP Massage Services for Touring Musicians-

I have made music a fundamental part of my life since I was 15. My original dream was to be a radio DJ, taking Radio Journalism courses and interning at local stations. It was a pretty rough gig, though, and I realized it wasn't for me. Going to concerts and festivals fuel my spirit. I have had the honors and experience of being behind the scenes, doing everything from promotions and vendor coordination to hospitality and just being the gopher. I love to be involved in any way I can. Within the reggae and similar music scenes, the people, music and vibe empower me and I know there is a special place for me in it. As I gain more knowledge of production and promotions, which I would also like to gain more experience in, I have been given the boost to share my skills as a holistic practitioner to those amazingly talented beings out there who work so hard to get where they are and where they are going. A special thank you to my dear friend Conga Kurty and the HIRIE band for expediting the process and welcoming me in with such gratitude and support. 

Music is healing. Massage is healing. 

I cannot begin to fathom the stress that musicians go through when touring- not just going from place to place, but dealing with mishaps such as busses breaking down, bad weather, losing luggage, jet lag, illness and injuries, and other unexpected events that can really throw off one's energy- yet you still have to be ready to go on stage and give it your all. 

As my gratitude to you, the touring musician, I want to offer you a customized experience that can help ease those challenging times- to be able to help you forget about all of it, even for just a little bit- so that you can be given the chance to reset and recharge. Also, of course, there are those pesky pain and tension issues. I understand how the body goes through repetitive and stagnant stress from standing, moving around, holding a mic, singing (yes I massage the anterior neck), playing and holding instruments, as well as the time spent sitting on a bus or plane for hours. 

I can come to you...
I offer clothed Massage Therapy and Reiki services backstage at the venue using a Massage Chair or Massage Table, depending on request and space provided. Upon request, I will provide add-ons such as Cupping and CHABA Cannabis Topical. Please see details below.

Or you can come to me...

If you are in the area (I am in University Place which is neighboring Tacoma) and would like to come in for a formal massage on a massage table, I offer $40 for 60-minutes and $70 for 90-min for musicians. It's my homie discount!
Call me at (206) 414-8689 or contact me on Facebook

More info on VIP Services:
Currently, I will travel to the major cities on the I-5 stretch of WA State:
- Tacoma
- Seattle
- Vancouver
- Olympia
- Redmond
- Bellingham
*If there is a request in another city, travel/lodging compensation and accommodations may be required for tolls and overnight stays. 

Each request is carefully determined regarding the following:
- day of the week
- if it is a holiday weekend
- travel time
- service time(s) 
- venue
- backstage setting
- number of band members
- minutes per session
- compensation 

At minimum, my compensation would be:
- Backstage access
- Drink and/or food comp (don't worry, I don't drink on the job!)
- Accommodations to see preferred portion of the show 
- Gratuity via cash/venmo
*Depending on above circumstances, there may be additional compensation requested. I understand that different venues may require certain credentials or may not allow backstage access, in which alternative options can be discussed. 

I don't expect any royal treatment or anything above what is contractually agreed upon, but I do expect the respect of my job, my earned titles I have worked hard for, and my knowledge of the muscles and postural changes/exercises I may suggest to improve the quality of life and longevity for the musicians I work with. 

If you wish to make a request, please contact me at healingcompasstherapies@gmail.com or call me at (206) 414-8689 and we can begin to discuss details. Mahalo and safe travels, live the life you've created and live it like nothing can stop you!

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