Soma-Transformation Meditation

Soma-Transformation Meditation is a practice of mind-body, somatic exercises that involve still meditation, somatic meditation, movement, yoga, creative expression, EFT/TFT tapping, journaling and empowerment techniques.

In being a Reiki Master and Life Coach, while also possessing the tools and resources gained throughout education and yoga, I wanted to introduce a unique twist to your typical, what you may know as meditation, as I want others to understand that there is no one way to meditate. To meditate simply means to focus and achieve mindfulness, perhaps reach a high state of consciousness. It's a freeing the mind,
so to speak. 

This series is designed with the intention of tapping into all physical and mental pathways, focusing on various goals and intentions, and catered to all styles of meditative healing. It gives students the tools and resources to use in their own daily life, where they can pick and choose which techniques resonate with you.  

Situations and Challenges that STM can help with:
- Chronic Pain
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Loss
- Lack of focus/concentration
- Desire to feel more grounded
- Clarity in life goals
- Communication blocks
- Lack of self confidence
- Sexuality insecurities
...and so much more
YOU set the intention.

STM is structured in a series of 7, based on the seven main Chakras (see Here.) The series is $60 but you can drop in at $10/class.
I do recommend the full series. 

The 8th week is just for kids, ages 5-17. 
Currently we are facing an unfathomable breakdown in the growing generations where they are facing higher than normal negativity and stress in their social and academic environments. This class will cover essential meditative and self-empowering practices such as still meditation, somatic meditation, EFT/TFT tapping, visualization, journaling, and creative expression. This class is $5 per child.

The video at the top of the page will walk you through the class topics/focuses. 

Winter 2020 series:
Saturdays 9-10am @ Crescent Moon Gifts
February 1-March 14, Kids class March 21.

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