Usui Reiki Trainings

PNW Healing Arts Education by Lori Elisë Kroh LMT, CRM, IWC

  • Do you feel especially intuitive or sensitive to energy?
  • Do you have the desire to feel more grounded?
  • Have you been told you have a healing energy?
  • Are you curious to explore self-healing and healing for others?

You have come to this page for a reason. Let's begin your journey!

Below are descriptions of all levels of Reiki. I follow the traditional Usui Reiki lineage of training.

Reiki Level I
Open to all, 6 general CE's for LMT's
This level gets you acquainted with the history of Reiki.
You will learn specifics of the Chakras, self-Reiki holds, how to use Reiki to ground yourself and detach from others' energy, and how to begin practicing on the self and loves ones. Generall taught twice a year. 
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Reiki Level II
Open to all Reiki Level I practitioners of at least 6 months, 8 general CE's for LMT's
You will now gain symbols to enhance your Reiki work and give you the guidance to practice at a professional level. Also, learn the use of the pendulum for reading and balancing Chakras. Generally taught twice a year.  
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Reiki ART (Advanced Reiki Training)
Open to all Reiki Level I practitioners of at least 1 year, 8 general CE's for LMT's
You will now gain use of crystals and the Reiki grid enhance your Reiki work, as well as other useful tools such as Byosen Scanning and Reiki Moving Meditation. Typically held every 1-2 years in conjunction with Reiki Master Level. Can be taken alone.
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Reiki Master Level
Open to all Reiki ART practitioners, 8 general CE's for LMT's
This final level will provide you with the remaining symbols, as well as the healing attunement to give to your clients. Also gain access to level attunements if you so wish to pass on the use of Reiki to others. Typically held once every 1-2 years in conjunction with Reiki ART.
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Lori teaches the traditional Usui lineage of Reiki.
One-On-One Training + Attunements also available. Please contact for details.

More info on Reiki HERE.

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