Reiki Energy Therapy

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla


New Client Special:
Intro Full Reiki Session
- $50

  • Chakra Balancing Session (approx. 30 min, a tune-up balancing of the chakras)- $35

  • Full Reiki Session (approx. 5-75 min, using chakra balancing, vibrational work, tuning forks, crystals, singing bowl, sage smudging)- $65

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What is Reiki? Reiki Therapy is a clothed, non-invasive yet powerful modality that facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body. It is based on the 7 main chakras (energy wheels or vortexes) that reside from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These wheels can get bogged down and even stagnant, which can cause disruptions in the physical and/or mental self and psyche. Each chakra corresponds with certain physical, mental and psychological functions. Click Here find out more about the chakras.

Reiki is a great addition to the massage therapist's tool set, as it provides another way to facilitate the healing process. It can be especially beneficial for those clients who cannot receive circulatory massage or who many have hesitations of touch. 

Reiki is becoming recognized and accepted in Western Medicine as a valid therapy in a hospital and hospice settings. Here is an article on Reiki Therapy being offered in hospitals:
Reiki Goes Mainstream- Spiritual Touch Practice Now Commonplace In Hospitals (Washington Post)
(I don't like that they used the word 'spiritual- please see below on what Reiki is NOT)


Whether a client has pain, digestive issues, headaches, struggle with a psychological imbalance, facing a big decision, or simply just feel 'stuck' or 'out of balance', Reiki Therapy can assist in opening up avenues to a new, revitalized self.

Reiki Therapy, like all holistic modalities, is solely facilitated by the practitioner, giving the client free reign over their body, mind and spirit. It is like a therapy session without talking and you are in control. I am merely there as the catalyst of the energy flow to bring momentum to any change you are seeking. Discovering your own power is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It truly in a mind over matter concept- if you believe and trust that it will work, you will notice a difference. Reiki is working even if you have doubts or don't feel anything. I follow the traditional Usui foundations of Reiki.

If you still have some questions and concerns, please enjoy the Q&A section below. If you would like additional information, feel free to call me at 206-414-8689.


Q: Can Reiki be a negative experience? I've heard some scary stories. 
A: Reiki assists in surfacing and releasing emotions that have been trapped in the body. Many tend to bury bad past experiences because they wish to not face the emotional side. Even if a client comes in for Reiki to facilitate something on a physical level, they could possibly experience an emotional
release or re-experience an event or see an image of the past that they haven't had closure with. This is very natural, and can actually happen with massage as well, in which LMT's are trained to understand and handle if it comes up. I've explained to clients that a possibility of Reiki is opening of doors they weren't expecting, but that, just as in psychotherapy, it is the encouragement of facing the issue in order to deal with it and let it go. Keeping a painful memory buried will only fester in the body and not allow the mind and heart to heal and move on. I have a great testimony that I share in my Reiki I class. 

Q: I'm not sure if I believe / I've had it done to me but felt nothing. Can you explain?
A: I could lay out the many, many experiences and testimonies I've been involved in and witnessed, but I definitely share them in my Reiki I class. I've had breakdowns and astonoshing responses from both clients and previous students. The cool thing about Reiki, though, is that you don't have to feel anything to know it's working. Reiki is all about intention. The practioner and client alike should not come into the session with any expectations. This link is based on clinical studies that could help in understanding the science behind Reiki:

Q: Are Reiki practitioners "healers"? 
A: Reiki is the facilitation of the flow of energy, and Reiki Practitioners are simply conduits of energy- they do not provide the energy, therefore, are not healers, but facilitators of the healing process. It is accepted and practiced in the Reiki community by many Christians and other religious people. This article explains more. 

Reiki Training & Certification and Reiki Share Nights
I also provide Reiki Training- Level I & II are hosted twice a year, while Level III and Master are held once every two years. These classes are open to all, providing meeting any prerequisites. Please visit my Continuing Education page to learn more. I host a Reiki Share Night every couple of months that is open to all to share, experience, ask questions and discuss. These events will be posted on my Community Events page and on my Facebook pageYou can also sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on future Reiki trainings and Reiki Share events. 


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