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Signature Massage       Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
Ayurvedic Massage       Auto/Work Injury Massage
Massage Enhancements     Hybrid Healing Session

Signature Massage
Experience relaxation to ease overall stress and tension or have a treatment-focused session to work out those specific aches and pains. An unhurried and intuitive approach will allow you to experience genuine intention for the massage and a unique way to tune into the body in order to find relief and achieve relaxation. 

Pressure adjusted upon request. Hot towels and breathwork automatically included. Be sure to read descriptions of each duration to ensure you are requesting the most suitable session for you.
Client-Guided Massage...
A client-guided option is available for those who experience high Anxiety, PTSD, body image issues and sexual orientation insecurities. This gives the client control of the session which can help nourish and empower the individual using the utmost compassion, listening skills and non-judgement based approach. Visit HERE or contact for more information. 

Hybrid Healing Sessions
are a combination of Massage and Reiki. See below for more details. (Why I don't offer "deep tissue")

30 min- $35 (best for quick relief of upper body or lower body pain and tension)
60 min- $70 (best for full body relaxation or half body focus)
75 min- $80 (best for full body with one focus area) 
90 min- $95 (best for full body with 1-3 focus areas)

See 'Massage Enhancements' for additional options. 

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
For the mom-to-be and the new mom. Appropriate positioning and bolstering for support and comfort for the mom and baby is priority. An effective relaxation massage with appropriate care and attention to provide soothing relief of issues regarding pregnancy and postpartum. 60 min- $70 / 75 min- $80 *Pregnancy is considered an immuno-compromised situation and is not advised to have public or long-term exposure with others at this time unless you provide a note from your PCP giving permission for massage.

Ayurvedic Dosha-Balancing Massage
Abhyanga style using warmed oil applied to the skin for ultimate soothing experience, with focus on balancing any Dosha imbalance with specific stroke pressure, direction and speed. 60 min- $75 What is Ayurveda?/Take the quiz- What's Your Dosha?)

Auto Injury / Work Injury Massage                                                          
Massage Therapy for PIP and L&I also available. Please call for more info. 

 Massage Enhancements                                                   
Enhancements make everything just a little better!
Hot Stones and Cupping are available upon request at no extra charge.
Aromatherapy and Chaba Cannabis Topical can be added for only
$5-10 extra. 

Hybrid Healing Session
Hybrid Healing Sessions are a combination of Massage Therapy and Reiki Energy Therapy to induce the most relaxing mind-body-spirit experience. Choose from 60, 75, or 90-minute sessions. *More about Reiki

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