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“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more." -Oscar Wilde


Change is constant, stress is inevitable. How can we move with the change instead of resist it? How can we work with stress instead of let it take us over? You are the keeper of the key to your well-being. But when you face certain challenges, it is ok to seek out guidance to help unlock that power. My mantra is "To express your weakness is to show your strength."  We don't want to feel judged for our struggles, but once we understand that we need to face them, having someone there to help us get on track without judgement or bias may just be what is needed to progress.


I love using the metaphor of nature here. Nature is always changing and evolving, never the same, yet it's still nature. It faces many challenges in which it does not resist. It adapts. It recreates. It has its own rhythms and patterns. Each piece of it is unique in its own way, yet all pieces seem to fall into place and work together harmoniously. 




Life coaching is NOT about motivational speaking, convincing you that everything is okay, or giving you any advice. Within my scope, I would not diagnose, prescribe or give advice. My duty is to guide you to your own answers and solutions and even discover parts of you that you may not be aware of, that will help you come to greater self-realization. 

I chose the path of Life Coaching (Integrative Wellness Coaching, to be exact) because I, myself, have been through many challenges- from my career feeling stale, feeling lost with purpose, being in unhappy and even being involved in abusive relationships. But I'm still here. Somehow I have managed to stay afloat, to move on, and I chose to learn from those experiences instead of letting them eat away at me. I knew there was more to life and that I could do something about it. But it wasn't easy to get where I am today. I've made bold leaps and I've made mistakes along the way. That's a part of life. Life would indeed be pointless without those "tests" that seem to get thrown our way. There is always a lesson to be learned. That's the piece I focus on whenever anything goes awry. With this, I feel that Coaching, Massage Therapy and Reiki Energy Therapy can all work together to bring your into
balance, to think more clearly, and to take a positive approach for your well-being.

As an Integrative Wellness Coach, I am able to listen with non-biased ears and offer a variety of therapies that will help you uncover your own answers and truths in order to make changes from an original manifestation. Again, As an IWC, I cannot diagnose, prescribe or advise. My job is to allow you to express yourself on a level you may haven't been able to reach on your own, and to tap into a new way of thinking, processing and changing, using your own inner compass to heal. In short, I strive to bring forth the best in YOU


Situations that can benefit from Life Coaching:
- Professional/career changes, challenges and advancement
- Loss/Grievance
- Relationship issues
- Fears/Phobias
- Family issues
- Depression
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Anxiety
- Chronic Pain/Illness
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Harnessing creativity
- Communication enhancement

...and anything else you feel is holding you back from being the best you. 

A variety of therapies will be available to utilize as I see fit in the practice, depending on the client and situation. This may be Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art and Creative expression, ACT Therapy, journaling, guided imagery/meditation, Creative reasoning, CLEAR process and EFT/TFT/EFT Energy tapping techniques. Initial 60-min session is $55, progressive sessions are $45. Would you like to find out if we are a good fit or just have questions? Feel free to call me at 206-414-8689 to set up a free 15-min consultation, either in person or over the phone.

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