Massage Enhancements

For an enhanced massage experience
These add-ons may be contraindicated for certain medical conditions. Please check with your therapist first. 
Hot Stones
Warmed basalt stones are used to massage over the body to warm muscles and bring soothing relief to pain and tension. 
Tuning Forks
The vibration of the tuning forks create a relaxing and soothing experience to alleviate issues such as Headaches/Migraines, Digestive Upset, Anxiety and Depression,  Pain & Inflammation, and much more. 
Cannabis Topical

This muscle-nourishing oil is to be treated like any other topical, but is sure to bring some added relief to tight and sore muscles. It is a safe whole-plant topical regulated by WA State that must have .3% THC or below so that it will not penetrate the blood barrier and will not cause any psychoactive reaction or show up on a drug test. 
Silicone Cupping
The cups create a suction to the surface of the body which allows fluids and oxygen to be pulled to the surface of the tissues to gain mobility and decrease tension and pain. The results from cupping drastically expedite the process of releasing restrictions in muscles.
Essential oils extracted from plants reach the olfactory system (sense of smell) that is the quickest way to the brain to bring relaxation to the mind and body. One to two oils can be chosen by the client to relieve various issues including sore muscles, stress and congestion. 
Hand & Foot
Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salts and soothing essential oils are massaged into the hands & feet to exfoliate and renew the skin, followed by a soothing massage of moisturizing creme. 

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