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My Precautions and Offers regarding

Covid-19 / Coronavirus

This is a strange and trying time for all of us. With that being said, I have had to weigh the consequences of staying open versus closing down during the next few weeks. My profession requires close interaction and even human contact. This is important for our mental and physical health. Massage Therapy itself has been proven to boost the immune system. Touch is also the only sense we cannot live without and we thrive on human interaction. Out of conscious deliberation with myself, I have chosen to stay open as long as possible, while taking extra measures to ensure that clients, as well as myself, are protected and safe. 

I understand that some of my clients are currently or may in the near future, be working from home or temporarily unemployed. This can cause great financial stress, as well as mental stress. I also consider those that may become ill or have compromised immune systems and underlying conditions that will require self-quarantine. I wanted to firstly extend my thoughts and compassion to all who are facing any struggles at this time. I would like to share with you my current plan and offers to new and current clients. 

My practice is currently CLOSED. Gov. Jay Inslee just announced the mandatory "Stay At Home" order on Monday March 23rd and will be going into effect on Wednesday March 25th for 2 weeks. This also may get extended, and we are all playing it day by day. Though Massage Therapists are considered "alternative healthcare providers" in the essential business category, I feel it is best to close my doors at this time to ensure the safety and protection of all. With that being said, please read below. I have an offer that you can use now or save it for when you are able and ready to use- plus added incentives!

CONTRIBUTE FROM HOME AND SAVE: Support local small businesses by still contributing! Here are the deals I have for you. 

- Consider purchasing a Gift Certificate/Online Gift Card or 
Discounted Pre-Paid Package that you can use at a later date. Gift Certificates are purchased in person or paid over the phone/online and mailed to you. Gifts Cards are purchased online.The new client rate will still apply if purchased during the offer period. Currently, the above offer ends April 24th, but this may change, so keep updated by checking back here or signing up for my newsletter (below) if you haven't already. With Pre-Paid Packages, you can create your own and pay in person or over the phone. Packages of 5 sessions are discounted at $50, and packages of 10 sessions are discounted at $100. All of these options will never expire. 

Gift Certificates- Click here
Online Gift Cards- Click here
Pre-Paid Packages- Click here

*Current Client Offer*: 
- If you are a new client, below regarding my New Client rates for Massage and Reiki. 
- If you are a current client, I am offering you the New Client rate for Massage and Reiki sessions now through April 30th. 

New Client rates:
60-Min Massage or Full Reiki Session- $50 (reg. $65-70)
75-Min Massage- $60 (reg. $80)
90-Min Massage- $75 (reg. $95)


- If you are seeking Massage session at this time, you can schedule a virtual session for me to assess the issue or focus that you have and make suggestions for self-massage, stretching, exercises, educated tips and more. *Note that I cannot prescribe, only suggest. 

- If you are seeking a Reiki session at this time and would like some energy healing, you can schedule a virtual healing session with me to provide Reiki at a distance (yes, it is a thing and it is possible and amazing.)

- If you are seeking a Life Coaching session, the initial 20-min consultation is free. Have questions about Life Coaching like what it is and if if would be helpful for you? we can talk! Full Life Coaching sessions, including Emotional Freedom Technique, are easy to do virtually. 

*All of these I am offering at $30 for 30 minutes! Sessions can be done via Skype or FaceTime. Just call or email me to set up a time. 

Once you purchase an online gift card/gift certificate or pre-paid package, or have completed a virtual session with me, I will send you a password to subscribe to my exclusive member-only Youtube channel. Beginning the week of march 30th, I will be hosting weekly self-care videos on Youtube. Visit MY CHANNEL and subscribe. new weekly videos on various topics such as self-care tips, stretching, muscles (kinesiology), Reiki, chakras, breathing/breathwork, meditation, EFT and more! I also encourage requests and questions to be submitted to I can answer them for you!

Be well.  -Lori