My Updates and Offers regarding

Covid-19 / Coronavirus

This is a difficult and uncertain time for all of us. I want to provide you with the therapeutic services you need, but I must take some precautions for my sake and yours. After all, Hippocrates said it best. Above all else, "Do no harm".

Below is the criteria for my practice and my clients. Prior to scheduling, please read tthe following:

Re-opening parameters that are being taken (subject to change):

- I will be pre-screening each client via phone for each appointment prior to booking (no online booking will be available).
- Clients will be given an email and/or hard copy of the protocols and safety/health information for their reference.
- You will need to notify me of your arrival and I would let you know when it is safe to enter the building (from the street-side entrance of Crescent Moon Gifts only, not through the CMG main doors).

- There will be a per session waiver with questions regarding Covid-19, with the client giving consent for services.
- Client temperature will be taken upon arrival, prior to entering the room. A no-contact thermometer will be used to take temperature.
- I will be wearing a disposable mask for each session, on top of stricter cleaning and sanitizing between clients. I already allow myself 30 minutes between clients and that time will be utilized for more thorough sanitization. Please read my blog post: Why Masks Matter
- Clients will be required to wear a mask. This is also a building requirement. Masks will not be necessary if lying face down, as the face cradle will have a pillow case "net" to catch any moisture particles. Clients would have the option to stay face up or lie on their side for the entire session.
- Masks must be a 2-3 layer cloth mask or surgical mask. If you do not have a mask, I will have disposable surgical masks available for $1 each. You will need to notify me upon arrival if you need a mask so that I can supply it to you upon entering the building. *If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask for the duration of the session, laying face down with a pillowcase net below is an option. 
- Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering my treatment room. Please refrain from touching anything in the room that is unnecessary. 
- Clients must wash their hands prior to session start. 

- Talking must be kept at a minimum during the Massage or Reiki session. Conversation relating to the session is highly encouraged concerning symptoms, needs and feedback, while any unnecessary conversation needs to be kept at bay in order to limit the amount of moisture particles being emitted, even with masks on. 

- If you are ill, have symptoms that resemble that of Covid, you will not be able to receive services.
- If you have an underlying condition or compromised immune system, it is recommended that you stay home. 
- Contact Tracing at my practice is simple and respects the HIPAA privacy and confidentiality for all clients.
- You already provide me some form of contact information on your intake form. This information is only seen by me unless it is for insurance purposes in which insurance claims representative has permission to view.
- If I am notified of a client who has recently visited my practice tested positive for Covid, my duty is to contact each client that was in my treatment room that same day and let them know that "a client that same day" recently tested positive. No names or contact information is given out to anyone. 
- In the event of a client testing positive, I will take a 14-day quarantine. This would mean that I will not be able to provide in-person services for 14 days from the date of the positive test taken by the client. I may not find out right away, but as soon as I do, I will take the proper precautions and also contact any clients that visited my office the same day as the client who tested positive. 

More parameters may be added or the above parameters may be adjusted as we go. 

If you are ready to book a session, you can email me at or call me at 206-414-8689 (during business hours only, please no text). My hours are still the same, however no online booking is available and I will be needing to regulate the flow of bookings. 

Current hours of operation: Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri 9:00am-7:00pm, Sat 10:00am-3:00pm

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Virtual sessions are still available, as well as retail. Retail items can be shipped or arrange for pick-up. See below regarding details on virtual sessions and retail.


- If you are seeking Massage session at this time, you can schedule a virtual session for me to assess the issue or focus that you have and make suggestions for self-massage, stretching, exercises, educated tips and more. *Note that I cannot prescribe, only suggest. 

- If you are seeking a Reiki session at this time and would like some energy healing, you can schedule a virtual healing session with me to provide Reiki at a distance (yes, it is a thing and it is possible and amazing.) *Intro rate does not apply for virtual sessions.

- If you are seeking a Life Coaching session, the initial 20-min consultation is free. Have questions about Life Coaching like what it is and if if would be helpful for you? we can talk! Full Life Coaching sessions, including Emotional Freedom Technique, are easy to do virtually. 

*All virtual sessions done through Zoom. I would send you an email invite to the session which gives you a room ID and password. It is user friendly and free to you. 

I now offer a couple of retail items you can order online
OR in person! Have shipped or arrange pick-up. 
Now offering:
- CBD topical products 
- Custom handmade pendulums



and be well.  -Lori 

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