Client-Guided Somatic Massage

for PTSD, anxiety, body image issues, sexual orientation insecurities

I aim to provide each and every client with compassionate care and a judgment-free experience. A client-guided massage gives you the sense of control with a human-first approach.

Imagine someone who takes the extra time to listen, understand and not allow any preconceived judgment, assumption or expectation to interrupt your desire to feel better about yourself. 

Every body is beautiful.           You matter.

Touch is a sensitive issue. Whether you are self conscious of your image or have any apprehension with touch, I want to re-introduce you to the meaning of healthy and therapeutic touch. After all, touch is vital to our well-being and it is the only sense we cannot live without. To move beyond any negative mindset of touch and to feel safe is your main goal as well as mine.

With the client-guided approach to massage, you are in charge of the session flow from beginning to end. You will be given the opportunity to tune in and listen to your body speak to you. If you have insecurities of your image, feel out of control with your emotions and thoughts, feel disconnected from your body in any way, client-guided massage will allow you to feel more in control and to be given the time needed to reacquaint yourself with the body. I am there to be present, to be patient, and to support the pace and method of therapeutic touch that works for you. 

We will work as a team to bring effective results. This means you are in charge of the healing process while I provide guidance and assistance to that healing process, whether you are seeking relief of pain and tension or to just focus on decreasing stress in your life. Communication will be key to any transformation and we can develop the best way to do this in a way that is most comfortable for you. Patience is also something I will keep at the forefront of your journey. It's not about me and my skills, it's about you and your goals and desires. 

If you are ready to experience a human-first, compassionate massage therapy session, I look forward to being a part of that. Just call or email to book a massage therapy appointment and we will design a session flow specifically for you. 

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