The Chakras

7th- Crown "Sahasdrara" (Thousand Pedaled)

6th- Third Eye "Ajna" (Command)

5th- Throat "Vishudda" (Especially Pure)

4th- Heart "Anahata" (Unstruck)

3rd- Solar Plexus "Manipura" (Jewel City)

2nd- Sacral "Svadhishthana" (One's Own Base)

1st- Root "Muladhara" (Root Support)

Chakra means spinning wheel or vortex. Each chakra correlates with certain physical, mental and psychological aspects of one's self. Chakra energies rotate in a clockwise position when open and flowing. If a chakra becomes stagnant or stuck, this can cause issues relating to the area or aspects of the psyche. 

Root (located at the tailbone, base of the spine, travels downward)
Grounding, Survival, Home, Family, Fear, Lower Pelvic Area, Legs, Feet

Sacral (located at the Sacrum/Genital area, travels forward/backward)
Joy, Creativity, Sexuality, Hips, Low Back, Lower Digestive Tract/Organs, Reproductive System

Solar Plexus (located above the navel/below the diaphragm, travels forward/backward)
Center of Self, Confidence, Self Esteem, Emotions, Upper Digestive Tract/Organs, Mid Back 

Heart (located at Sternum, travels forward/backward)
Love, Unconditional Love, Feelings, Heart, Respiratory System, Ribs, Upper Back, Shoulders

Throat (located at throat, travels forward/backward)
Communication, Expression, Creative Expression, Neck, Throat, Mouth, Shoulders

Third Eye (located at brow point, middle of forehead, travels forward/backward)
Intellect, Intuition, Wisdom, Psychic Awareness, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Head, Brain

Crown (located at top of head, travels upward)
Spirituality, Connection to Higher Self, Connection to the Divine, Connection to The Universe, Head, Brain, Hair

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