Reiki Energy Therapy for Animals


“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” –Martin Buber

How does Reiki work for animals?

Animals have a heightened sense of awareness and a unique non-verbal communication. Their senses are more in tune than humans and have a way to express themselves. Due to these factors, they are more apt to respond stronger and quicker to energy work. Unlike working with humans, I will speak with the animal both verbally and non-verbally while working with them, especially if they are in pain and their ailments are unknown. This will help me create a trusting and loving bond with the animal. Not all animals are comfortable with other humans or being touched; therefore, I have various methods I can use, such as non-touch, distance Reiki (in the same room/space preferably) and crystal use.

Reiki can assist in calming animals with such things as Anxiety, taming of horses, production/reproduction process in cows and chickens, as well as illness and pain.

I am able to work with a variety of animals on location after a brief screening consultation. The decision to work with your animal I make carefully and will depend on various factors including the type of animal, nature and behavior, age, location, as well as physical condition and health. *Note that I am not a medical professional, therefore any medical needs need to be sought by a Veterinarian first. I will not work with an animal that has a condition that has not yet been seen or treated under professional care. Medical documentation must be presented to ensure the safety of the animal and myself. 

If you are wishing to have Reiki provided for your healthy animal, I am more than happy to work with them after the initial consultation. 

The full session lasts approximately 60 minutes with 20-45 minutes being hands-on, as animals receive energy work at a more sensitive level. I allow time for the animal and I to familiarize ourselves with each other and for me to learn their behavior and way of communication/response. The cost per visit is $60 but you can request a customized package deal or monthly membership which would allow you a discounted rate. I am willing to travel up to 10 miles, more than 10 miles may require an additional charge. 

Animals I work with:
- Horses and other farm animals
- Domesticated animals such as dogs and cats

I am also currently in the training process for Equine/Large Animal Massage Therapy. If you would like additional information or to set up a consultation, feel free to email me or call me at 206-414-8689.


I also provide Reiki Training and Certification- Level I is for self use, as well as use for loved ones and pets. Level II can be for use in a professional setting. These classes are open to all, providing meeting any prerequisites. Please visit my Continuing Education page to learn more. These events will be posted at PNW Healing Arts Education and on my Facebook page

Reiki Training & Certification

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