Lori Elise Kroh

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Licensed Massage Therapist - Certified Reiki Master - Integrative Wellness Coach - Registered Yoga Instructor

Education + Experience:
I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2009, graduating from Everest College in Seattle, and Reiki energy therapy since 2013, certified/attuned in all levels. I recently also become a Level II Integrative Wellness Coach through the Renaissance Life Therapeutics program at the beginning of 2019, incorporating the EFT/TFT tapping techniques.

I have 4 years of teaching fundamental classes at well-established massage schools in the Puget Sound area, including Special Populations (Cancer, PTSD/Anxiety, Prenatal, Chronic Pain/illness, HIV/AIDS, Advanced Age/Hospice), Swedish/Massage Theory & Practice, Professionalism, Ethics & Communication, and Clinic Preparation. I thoroughly enjoy working with special populations. 

Teaching is such a passion of mine that I have also been providing massage continuing education and Reiki training since 2015. Currently, all local Massage continuing education  & Reiki training courses I teach are held at Elite Massage Education Center in University Place (Tacoma), WA or Crescent Moon Gifts on 6th Ave in Tacoma.

In being a Reiki Master, I have a deep understanding of how the mind and body work together, as well as the impactful way energy work can manifest a change, subtle or strong. Emotions are carried in the body and with the awarenesses of the client, these stresses can be released. 

I fell in love with Ayurveda when introduced in Massage School which included a 3-month training course based on its fundamentals of balance and whole-self nurturing. Aromatherapy is the reason I chose massage school in order to apply it into practice and understand not only its benefits, but safety and buying tips that many aren’t aware of. This also I received a 3-month education on. I have also taken courses such as Mana Lomi (traditional Hawaiian treatment massage), Cupping and Ethics of CHABA & Cannabis for WA State, to enhance my practice. 

I am also a registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance, having completed my training in Sept 2020. Please see my Yoga page for more info. 

Philosophy + Approach
To heal the body begins with the thought. In turn, the body can become the manifestation of our thoughts. 

The Healing Compass refers to the inner guidance we all possess, but tends to get dampened by the motions we go through and distractions we face in our daily lives. Over the years we have been pulled into a new age of technology, busy schedules and "quick fixes" to get us by and keep us going. Though Western Medicine has its place and can fuse well with Eastern Medicine, science is making a huge impact on demonstrating the mind-body connection, healing properties within our bodies, the power of thought, and nature's reminder that there will always be stressors, but that we can learn to ebb and flow with the waves of life instead of fighting it. Almost all visits to the doctor or hospital are stress-related. From chronic pain and illness such as Fibromyalgia, Crohn's and MS to mental instabilities such as Depression, PTSD & Anxiety are either stemmed from a known stressor in our life, past or present, that has not been resolved, or due to an unknown stressor in our environment (aka auto-immune or idiopathic). Pain is not an enemy, but the best friend we need to let us know when something is wrong.

My goal with all of my offered therapies is to help you listen to your body, as it sends you signals whenever something is wrong or needs to be tended to. 

Each of us are healers within. I, as a holistic practitioner, aim to help facilitate that healing process. With a somatic focus, breathwork and communication are of utmost importance in the treatment room. Something else that is highly important to me is my science-based approach, though I proceed with an intuitive path. From massage to energy work to life coaching, there is an element of science that backs my practice. Science is the essence of discovery and having an open mind to delve into the why of things that puzzle us or have our curiosity will bring a deeper understanding to the healing aspects of holistic practices that may be viewed as alchemy. 

Wa St Massage Lic #MA60118669

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